Who is Anna?

I am 25 years old, living in Denmark, and I want to characterize myself as a health enthusiast. In my profession as a lifestyle coach, it is my most important task to help my clients achieve a healthier I – both physically and mentally, as I practice through my company.

I am a girl with a lot of passion and I love everyday challenges. My passion is to help my clients achieve their individual goals, and this is the driving force behind my work.

My dietary philosophy

Due to my great interest in diet and its importance to the body, I have tested various diets, etc. on their own body, with a goal of gaining a better understanding of how my body responds and responds to my dietary intake.

Today, I have learned and understood which foods I prefer to exclude from my diet and to limit my intake. In addition, I have learned what foods my body thanks me for taking.

My dream?

My dream is to be your natural role model – understood that I want to show you the way to a healthy, well-functioning and strong body, without the feeling of starvation along the way. I want to show you that a healthy and varied diet combined with an effective exercise is the way towards your individual goal.

In my diet and exercise guidance, my goal is not only that my customers achieve their goals, but also that in combination with them they get an understanding of their body.

I want to give my clients the best guidance while giving them the skills to make healthy choices when they are on their own. I want to be the first step on my way to changing my lifestyle and I have never felt so prepared for this job as I do today.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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